Choose from a selection of tasty traditional afternoon tea catering options (including dietary alternatives as an option) and start your day with a newfound spring in your step!

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Delicious Afternoon Tea Catering Options

Introducing Casa Catering Sydney‘s exceptional corporate afternoon tea catering services, designed to delight busy teams throughout the Sydney area. Our commitment to prompt delivery throughout the CBD and metro region makes us the premier choice for your Sydney catering needs, offering an array of delectable options to elevate your afternoon tea experience.


Casa Catering’s buttery and flaky croissants are a classic favorite. Made fresh and served warm, they are perfect for satisfying your craving for a light, indulgent treat during your Sydney office afternoon tea.

Friand Box

Our Friand Box features an assortment of these delicate almond-based cakes, available in various flavors. They’re moist, gluten-free, and a delightful addition to your tea time spread.

CASA Scones Box

Indulge in our freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and jam. These traditional treats are a quintessential part of any afternoon tea experience.

DIY Lamington Chocolate Fondue Box

Add a touch of interactive fun to your tea time with our DIY Lamington Chocolate Fondue Box. It includes fluffy lamington cubes and a rich chocolate fondue for dipping.

Mini Gluten-Free Muffins

For those with dietary preferences, our mini gluten-free muffins are a delightful choice. These bite-sized treats come in various flavors and are perfect for a guilt-free indulgence.

Mini Loaded Donuts

Our mini loaded donuts are a sweet delight. They come in a variety of flavors and are generously topped with glazes, sprinkles, and fillings to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Afternoon Tea Tarts

Our assortment of afternoon tea tarts features a selection of sweet and savory options, perfect for catering to a range of taste preferences.


Our macarons are beautifully crafted and come in an array of vibrant colours and flavours. They are a delightful addition to any afternoon tea, adding an elegant touch to your spread.

Finger Sandwiches

Our finger sandwiches are made with the finest ingredients and offer a selection of classic and contemporary fillings, perfect for a savory element during your afternoon tea.

Assorted Wrap Selection Box

Our assorted wrap selection box includes a variety of wraps filled with fresh, flavorful ingredients, catering to those looking for a heartier option.

Sourdough Sandwiches

Our sourdough sandwiches are made with artisanal bread and a range of gourmet fillings, providing a satisfying and rustic twist to your tea-time menu.

Mini Assorted Quiche

Our mini assorted quiche selection offers savory pastry bites filled with a variety of delicious ingredients, making them a crowd-pleasing choice for afternoon tea.

Casa Catering Sydney’s commitment to quality and variety ensures that your corporate afternoon tea is a memorable and enjoyable experience for your team. With our fast and reliable delivery service, we make it easy for you to elevate your tea time gatherings in the bustling heart of Sydney. Choose Casa Catering Sydney for a truly delightful afternoon tea catering experience.

Our Afternoon Tea Selection


Cannot recommend this place highly enough. The food was simply phenomenal –
generous servings, super fresh, really high quality and most importantly, delicious!

Samuel C.


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